Meet the Faces of the Mohican Volunteer Trail Crew

Sitting here at my desk reading over the most recently posted blog it only makes sense to put some faces to the Mohican Volunteer Trail Crew.

Alex wrote a wonderful entry about the workshop experience that was provided by Alex and Sara a couple of weekends ago but here are some pictures of everyone learning and hard at work on the trail during the workshop.

Only Some of the Awesome Mohican Trail Crew Volunteers!

Alex explaining Griphoist maintenance. Sue, Brandon, & "Harry" greasing the Griphoist.

Flying rocks. Sara helping Quint & Greg to solidly place rocks for water bar.

Creating a Turnpike.

Completed turnpike & rock waterbar.

Before Photos of the site - lots of water on the trail!

Job well done!

This past weekend was the Mohican Volunteer Trail Crew's opening weekend for their season of trailwork up at the Delaware Water Gap. After all the rain this past weekend I hope all the volunteers are at home drying out and relaxing tonight. Thanks for your hard work this weekend!