Appalachian Trail Ridgerunners

The 2007 Appalachian Trail Ridgerunners in Connecticut and southern Massachusetts are out on the trail! Staff training took place the week of May 21st, with Ridgerunners heading out on the trail for their first hitch on Friday, May 25th - just in time for busy Memorial Day Weekend.

The Appalachian Mountain Club hires five Ridgerunners to patrol the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts. Ridgerunners are a resource to hikers and trail users, as well as an important educational tool to protect the ecosystem and natural resources of this section of the Appalachian Trail. Ridgerunners patrol an 80+ section of trail, spending ten days out in the field each hitch. A Ridgerunner typically hikes between five and fifteen miles a day, performing caretaking duties at designated camping areas and talking with hikers and groups all along the way. Their hard work is rewarded with hiking through one of the most beautifully diverse sections of the AT.

I hope you'll get out and join the Ridgerunners on this unique section of trail. I also hope you get the opportunity to meet Nathan, Nick, Geoff, Alex, or Matt. They are a great resource, fun to be around, and enthusiastic about the trail. Here's to a great 2007 Ridgerunner season!