AMC Adopt-A-Trail – Region Leader Meeting June 2007

The AMC Adopt-A-Trail Program involves over 225 volunteers in the maintenance of AMC Trails in the White Mountains and Mahoosuc Range in New Hampshire and western Maine. With over 370 miles of trails that the AMC is responsible for in this region, each trail is broken up into section s that are available for adoption by an individual, family, school group, corporate group, etc. AMC’s Trails Department provides training for these Adopters, tools, and free stay at some overnight facilities while on work trips on their section of trail.

We then clump these sections of trails into regions, the Mt. Washington region, Franconia-North region, and so on. Each region is then headed up by a super volunteer, or Region Leader. There are a total of 14 regions, and 17 Region Leaders:

Larry Ely & Ginger Lawson: Mahoosuc-North
Chuck Braxton: Mahoosuc-South
George Brown: Royce-Baldface
Nancy Eaton: Carters
Scott Monroe & Barbara Kukla – Presidentials-North
Brian Donoghue: Mt. Washington
Ron & Rite Rivard: Presidentials-South
Charlie Blanker: Crawford Notch
Michael O’Connor: Pemigewasset
Nate Duclos: Carrigain
Steve Crowe: Franconia-North
Robert Newson: Franconia-South
David Pollock: Kinsman
Frank Benesh: AMC Ski Trails
Bailey Preisendorfer: AMC/USFS Saco Ranger District Trails

We had a very productive meeting this past Saturday, June 23 at AMC Camp Dodge. We talked about the new Wild River Wilderness area and the changes in trail maintenance standards as a result of this new designation. We discussed blazing standards, summer project locations for AMC Trail Crew and Camp Dodge Volunteer Vacations, revisions to the Adopter work report form, cross referenced records for the most up to date Adopter information and sections of trail available, and much more.

After lunch, most of the group headed over to Square Ledge trail to take a look at project work above and beyond basic maintenance. This was an exercise for the group to look at trail stability needs and erosion control issues and collectively talk about potential solutions. It was my hopes that this activity would help the Region Leaders work out similar trail concerns with the Adopters in their regions.

By the time we took this photo, just before the hike, several of our Region Leaders had already left to work on their trails. In this photo, from left to right: Brian Donoghue, George Brown, Chuck Braxton, Bailey Preisendorfer, Larry Ely, Alex DeLucia, Charlie Blanker, and David Pollock. Not in the photo, but at the meeting: Steve Crowe, Scott Monroe, Barbara Kukla, and Frank Benesh.

This is a fantastic group of dedicated individuals. The work that this group does for the AMC Trails Department is invaluable. Without this group of committed individuals we would not have such a successful Adopt-A-Trail Program – Thanks for all of your help.

Reminder – Next region Leader Meeting is September 15, 2007 at AMC Camp Dodge Volunteer Center at 4:00pm, see you there.