AMC Trails Volunteer of the Month - June 2007

Philip Romano - Mohican Trail Crew Volunteer Coordinator

In 2003 a good friend of mine introduced me to the AMC. I have always been an outdoor person and outdoor skills instructor. I joined the AMC after taking a YOP course. That course made me remember the importance of being back on the trails and that the trails need more work then the secretive wood gnomes provide. We checked out trail crew and had a great time. We joined family camp and trail crew and have never looked back. All three of these programs need a lot more volunteers then they will ever have.

Since then I have worked to encourage more families to come to trail crew. Taking over trail crew was a lot more then I ever expected. Taking over for Walt Daniels was to say the least a big pair of shoes to fill. I did not have the same design skills as Walt but with a great crew of regular volunteers I quickly found out any project the NPS gives us can be completed as long as everyone works together. The Staff at Mohican is great. Dave knows everyone in the AMC and NPS and has always been able to get me in contact with the right person no matter what my question is.

Over the last year this group of volunteers that make up the Mohican Trail Crew have grown into a large extended family. Without these dedicated hard working people I never would be able to enjoy this job. When I found I was up for this award I felt kinda weird. I am not one to single out any one person from this group of people and that means for myself also. I wish there could be a crew of the month award.

Thank you
Philip Romano
AMC MOC Trail Crew Volunteer Coordinator