Lining out Trail Crew Projects

Before our Volunteer Teen Trail Crews come on for the summer, we here in the Berkshires have to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Today we headed out to two sites to assess and lay out trail work for two volunteer weeks in July.

First, we visited October Mountain State Forest near Becket, Massachusetts. The Appalachian Trail weaves through the length of the reservation. We have been working on one particular section for a number of years. It's in a low area, and stays consistently wet throughout the summer. The Volunteer Teen Trail Crews have been building "turnpikes," which is a trail structure that raises the level of the ground out of the water. It's hard work, but the results are both beautiful and built-to-last!

Second, we visited Beartown State Forest in Monterey, Massachusetts. Beartown is another reservation that the Appalachian Trail winds through. This year, the crews will be working on "trail hardening," which is a myriad of trail structures that either direct water off the trail, or build up a deeply eroded section of tread.

These sections are two of the seven work sites the Volunteer Teen Trail Crew will be working at this summer. To find out more about Volunteer Teen Trail Crews, please visit us at