Wilderness First Aid

This weekend at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's Kellogg Conservation Center the Appalachian Mountain Club held a Wilderness First Aid course. The course was the first official training held at the Kellogg Conservation Center, and it was rockin'!

The course was taught by AMC's Danny Twilley, who is a SOLO-certified instructor who works at the Highland Center in New Hampshire. It was attended by the AMC's seasonal staff here in the Berkshires, as well as some great volunteers from AMC's Berkshire and Connecticut Chapters.

To read more about the Kellogg Conservation Center, check out the Blog entry called "AMC Trails Staff Retreat."

Wilderness First Aid is a two day, 16 hour course. It teaches the basics of patient assessment and treatment in a backcountry setting. For you trip leaders, trail volunteers, or avid hikers out intensive and challenging, but a very worthwhile investment. To find out more about AMC's Wilderness First there, I would highly recommend this course. To find out about a Wilderness First Aid class happening in your area, check out www.outdoors.org or www.soloschools.com