"All Crew Days"- Pro Crew Whapping it out on Mt. Pleasant

During the summer season, the 18 person AMC White Mountain Professional Trail Crew splits up every Monday into crews of 4-5 and disperses into the woods to reconstruct trails at various locations. For one weekend of the season, the crew continues work on the given Saturday and Sunday, all together on a section of trail. This weekend is traditionally known as "All-Crew-Days", where past and present AMC Trail Crew work shoulder to shoulder to create materpieces of trail reconstructive glory. Last year the crews worked on the Mahoosuc trail, off of Hogan road, and installed drainage and a beautiful staircase. Here are the “before and after” shots.

This past Saturday I met the crew at the beginning of the Bald Peak Trail on Pleasant Mt. After a bit of logistical shuffling, the crew split up to construct staircases on the Bald Peak and Ledges Trails. One crew of 4-6 has been working on these trails for the past 5 weeks, installing drainage on these 3 miles of trail and constructing some challenging rock staircases closer to the summit.

With beautiful weather and the energy of 18 seasoned, AMC trail-workers, we set out, quarrying rocks and rolling them to the project sites. Mainly newer crew members looked for rock, while the more experienced began "setting" (placing in a way that is undoubtedly stable) the rocks, forming staircases on steep, erosion prone sections of trail.

Despite tired bodies, the excitement of a full crew, and approaching vacation time, the tradition of “whapping it out” prevailed and 5 significant rock staircases were completed over the weekend. After finishing 7 consecutive days of trailwork on Sunday evening, the crew began a week of body resting and summer fun (known as "Long Days"), which by this time in the season is sorely needed.

Be sure to check back for updates on other AMC White Mountain Crew projects and where-abouts.