A Cowabunga Crew at Sherman Brook

Written By: Ben Turati, Trail Crew Leader

July 1-6 was the start of a very exciting season here in the Berkshires. We took out our first crew of volunteer teens to the Sherman Brook portion of the Appalachian Trail in North Adams, Massachusetts. Our goal was to solve some seriously wet areas of trail.

The crew consisted of six volunteers: Alex, Ben, Charlotte, Erik, Hannah, and Nick. This crew was unstoppable. They were easy to work with, and followed instructions and constructive criticism very well. It only took one day of working closely together before the crew was able to break off into smaller groups and accomplish the tasks at hand. By the end, Connor and Ben hardly had to say anything before the crew would jump all over a project.

True, like many aspects of trail work, we hit some snags - way too much water, the rocks quarried wouldn't fit, and there weren't enough rocks...But with just a little patience and atrategizing, we were able to make some awesome stepping stones, water bars, stone culverts, and even a bridge makeover happen in just 5 days of work.

The crew life at our base of operations was also an enjoyable aspect of the trip. We occupied our time with a variety of games and chatter. Cards were a huge success as well as many exciting games of Mafia! While at camp, the crew had some chores to do. Each day we required lots of water. There were two things we needed it for, one being to stay hydrated and the other for cooking and cleaning. The meals on the trip were accepted and often consumed before one could really taste what it was we created. Some claim there could have been more, while other claimed we needed more Franks! Either way, there were smiles, high spirits, and tons of fun.

Cowabunga crew!