Glen Brook Trail Crew

By: Connor Young, Trail Crew Leader

For the second week of the Berkshire Trail Crew, July 8th marked the start of a fantastic five days. Sunday the 8th a great group of people gathered to set off to the Glen Brook site on the Appalachian Trail in South Egremont. The crew that began in a quiet and reserved manner resulted in long lasting friendships and a source of great communication and leadership.

On Monday morning, the crew was quick to jump into action completing multiple projects on the frist day. They made the transition into crew life-style almost non-existent. By Tuesday afternoon, Pat and Connor, the two crew leaders and Jim, the volunteer crew leader, were the ones receiving the directions. Marc, Lauren, Ayresleigh, Alais, Ange and Jesse came together to form an unstoppable team. The structures that needed to be built were all waterbars and check dams. By the end of the week the crew could have built a waterbar in the their sleep.

Following these great working days, camp life was consistently mellow, just talking mostly. Cards, Mafia, and a little Frisbee were the source of some good laughs. By the endof the week everyone had settled and become comfortable creating a great place to be. Wednesday night tested some patience with a very large torrential downpour. Not only were the crew members wet, but their sleeping bags and tents as well. This was fine considering it was our only significant rainstorm. On Thursday night, the entire crew slept out and woke up to extremely misshapen and deformed pancakes. Water bars and check dams were no problem, but those pancakes were a real challenge. The week went really well. Great work was done, and nothing but good times were all around.