The Bandits of Square Ledge Strike Again

The AMC White Mountain Trail Crew recently completed a massive reconstruction project on the Square Ledge Trail, across the street from Pinkum Notch Visitor's Center.

Being a short hiking trail to a beautiful view, an approach to a popular climbing destination, and a trail in White Mountains-life has been hard for the Square Ledge Trail. Steep, heavily used, and heavily eroded, this trail was in it's traditionally bad shape until the crew continued work on the trail this summer.

Donning face masks or handkerchiefs to protect from the rock dust, the crew uses rock drills to break rock and tripod rigging systems to move the rock, and then finally rebar to pin the rock in place. This trail has been through over four other reconstructive attempts, and so with the awesome skills, technical knowledge, and a bit of rebar, attempt number 5 should be the final reconstructive project on the square ledge trail for some time.