AT Corridor Monitoring

Monitoring the AT Corridor in the Mahoosucs: I was able to get out and work with Sally and Ellen from the ATC, a Dartmouth Outing Club Volunteer, Tom, and Emily, AMC Mahoosuc Rover, to work on opening up a section on the east side of the AT near Carlo Col.

I could not believe how overgrown this boundary line was. It most likely had not been maintained since it was originally cut when surveyed in the early 1980’s. We fought our way through for most of the day, and in all only covered about 1,000 feet, and found one monument!

Sally and Ellen from the ATC are in the southern Mahoosucs for most of September to reclaim much of the nearly lost boundary from the Maine state line to the town of Gorham. Once this major work is done we hope to find new AT Corridor Monitors for these sections. We already have a few dedicated volunteer boundary maintainers, but we need more to be sure this line stays open and obvious.

This is a great way to volunteer for trails, explore new areas off trail, and really have fun. If you are interested in monitoring a section of the AT Corridor in the southern Mahoosucs, please contact Alex DeLucia at 603-466-2721 x192 or