Saco Lake Trail – New Bridge!

A big thanks to all of the Volunteers and staff that helped come together and build a new bridge on the Saco Lake Trail in just One Day! We had John and Charlie, AMC Trail Adopters and Region Leader helping us, as well as, Sara, Joel, and Tim from the Highland Center, and Katie and I from the Trails Volunteer Programs.

The old bridge was a three stringer native bridge that had rotted and collapsed. All that was left (and for most of the summer) was a single stringer that was wedged between two rocks. This single log allowed hikers to pass, but not with much ease.

We had some of the material but we still needed to fell two trees for the project. After we had the trees on the ground and cut to size, we were peeling, setting base logs and building piers filled with rocks to cross the gap.

Before long, the bridge was complete. Once again a big thanks to all of those that pitched in and helped make this possible in just one day. If you have never been on the Saco Lake Trail near the AMC Highland Center, or would like to take a look at our new handiwork – head out there as soon as you can. Enjoy!