Trails Volunteer of the Month - September 2007

I grew up in Milan NH north of Berlin and today am surrounded by the views of the Kilkenny Range, the Mahoosucs, the Carter/Wildcats, and the Presidentials.

As a kid I hiked quite a few of the mountains, but due to work commitments in my early 20’s my hiking days were limited. Finally with the kids out of the house I had some more down time where I could concentrate on the higher peaks and in the last few years I was able to do the goals I had set.

Looking for other things to do hiking related, I noticed the trail adoption information on the AMC website and applied and was accepted. I recruited 2 nephews and 3 friends and we started on the Mahoosuc Trail from Mt. Hayes to Trident Col. We have spent 160 hours on it since May of this year. We are not quite there yet but we will be soon hopefully.

Each trail is unique in its own way and I really enjoy the ruggedness and different views from the outlooks on the Mahoosuc. Plus when hikers pass by most never fail to thank us for the work we are doing. Most people do get satisfaction from volunteering.

So, thanks to all the other trail maintainers and the AMC staff members who make trail maintaining work!!

Keith “Lefty” Enman