Hiking the Amalfi Coast – Italy

Trails are the same no matter what country you are in. I have just returned from a vacation along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. This region is located along the south shore of a small peninsula just south of Naples, known for its steep cliffs and beautiful scenery.

While on this vacation I could not help but go for a hike and check out some of the trail conditions. The stone work in this region is very impressive. In many cases, these stairs are several hundred years old, and still in great shape! It probably helps that it never freezes in this region, the use is very low, and minimal rain. Well, that is about the exact opposite of the Whites…

The views were amazing, people were great, and the food and wine was fantastic (especially after a long hike). As you might imagine, we did far more then hike on this trip, but I thought that I would post a few photos of what the trails are like in this region of Italy.

We were based in the town of Positano and trails, at one point, were the only way from town to town, other than boat. Trail use, until recently, was a part of everyday life for the people in this region. Enjoy the photos.