Trails Volunteer of the Month - November 2007

Peter Roderick

Peter Roderick is co-chair of the Maine Chapter Trails Committee as well as immediate Past Chapter Chair. He has been a member of the AMC for 10 years and was first elected
to the Maine Chapter Executive Committee six years ago. He is also a member of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club where he gained his initial experience in trail maintenance. At the recent Fall Gathering, he volunteered to chair the AMC Trails Committee.
(Peter: center photo in green t-shirt)

When the Grafton Loop Trail was mapped, Peter and his wife, Janet, along with dozens of other volunteers, worked under the supervision of Paul Johnson of the MATC on the section of the GLT that leaves Route 26 and travels over Puzzle Mountain, Long Mountain, and Lightning Ledges and on to the summit of East Baldpate where it intersects with the Appalachian Trail. This project took three years to complete with volunteers working primarily on weekends during the summer months.

In 1997, Peter and Janet volunteered at the Appalachian Trail Conference which was hosted by MATC and the Maine Chapter, AMC at Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. They initially intended to attend for one day but decided to stay on for the week-long conference when they were asked to help with an emergency situation involving the hikes and excursions desk. It was while at this conference that they met many AMC members and based on that very positive experience decided to become AMC members.

In 2001, when first joining the trails committee, Peter, along with his able co-chair, Keith Chapman, found a group which had become inactive and dispirited over time. They were able to rekindle interest in trail maintenance and have led many successful trips over the last six years with improved turnout by volunteers from both the AMC and from the community at large. New or renewed relationships have been established with MATC, Loon Echo Land Trust, Bates College Outing Club and Tumbledown Conservation Alliance among others.

When the AMC purchased Little Lyford Pond Camps and the 37,000 acres of surrounding land now known as the Maine Woods Initiative, Peter and Keith led a trail work trip to the new facility to help clear ski trails for the fast approaching winter season. While there, Peter expressed a willingness to return as a volunteer. The AMC soon took Peter and Janet up on this offer. Peter and Janet have spent many weekends at LLPC helping not only with trail work but also with providing guest services including relieving the regular crew on weekends which involved responsibility for meal preparation, guest services and other support of the mission of LLPC.

Peter has led annual holiday weekend trail maintenance trips to Little Lyford Pond Camps on which volunteers supplement the work of the professional trail crew building trails there. These trips have proved so popular that there is often a waiting list for one of the volunteer slots.

With all of Peter’s past and future efforts we wanted to recognize this individual for his outstanding community spirit and dedication to AMC Trails. Thanks Peter!

-AMC Trails Volunteers and Staff