Mohican Volunteer Trail Crew - 2007

Well sports fans the results are in. For the MOC trail crew 2007 season we participated in 15 events with a total of 85 people giving a grand total of "Drum Roll Please" 4,190 hours. Not to shabby for a bunch of volunteers. 28 people made the t-shirt goal. 13 made the marion Pychowska award and 3 made the warren hart award.

Johnny:(hint hint) the crew likes water bottles, pins and patches.

I am very happy with the results this season. I would like to see some more ways to advertise for our trail crew for the 2008 season.

If there is a way to draw in more people that would be great. I would like to aim for 100 participants and to break 5,000hours for the 08 season.

Thank you,
Philip Romano
AMC-MOC Trail Crew