Writers Corner: Essays from a Trail Adopter

December 2007

A "Hand Me Down" Winter

Look at the New England grammar school children all walking down the street in each others hand me down cloths. Baggy blue jeans worn by one of the girls even though they are really boys pants. A pair of really worn out LL Bean style boots passed down to the second oldest boy who also wears a sweater three times too big. The oldest kids cloths are mostly new; it's high school for him pretty soon.

Saggy and baggy shirts with may be small rips in them, all buttoned up crooked. And yes, an assortment of wool hats and gloves taken from a bin on the closet floor. Nothing necessarily has to match. All of the children are being followed by their brave little dogs who are the best fetchers there ever were!

Hey, it's a great, early winters day! Lets see how long we can stay out!

Submitted by James David Christmas: AMC Trails Volunteer