Writers Corner: Essays from a Trail Adopter

A Bug, a Water Snake, and a Toad

As we shoveled, dug, chopped, and scraped along the trails of the great White Mountains; we had some competition with lots of heart! Mr. Leafbug appeared after we had dug in front of a rock step. He hobbled across the trail and seemed to be carrying a leaf... it turned out to be part of his body. Mr. Leafbug escaped the shovels and limped into the woods a free man.

A green watersnake then swam right across the top of my left boot after we spent the whole day setting three hundred and fifty pound boulders in place to become rock steps.

Mr. Toad, who was no bigger than half of my thumb, was climbing Mount Washington on his own while the instructor and I build bog bridges.

These three underdogs had more heart than all us trail workers put together. Sometimes we think we are pretty special, all clad in fancy T-shirts and orange helmets. Don't forget the powers of nature are right by our side. In this case, it was a bug, a water snake, and a toad!

Submitted by: James David Christmas - Trails Volunteer