Too Much Snow?

What a record snow fall we have had this winter! We are still digging ourselves out from the last storm. Below you will see a few photos from this past Saturday, March 1, 2008 from Camp Dodge.

Andrew and I were talking about the buildings at Camp Dodge and thought that it would be a really good idea to shovel off the roofs before the rain, which we are getting today. So, on Saturday I drove over to Camp Dodge and parked a bit up the drive below the gate. As you can see from the photos the gate is almost totally buried.

After the slog up the drive I was surprised to see how much snow was on the roofs of the bath house and the main building. The bunk houses, tool shed, and staff housing were looking OK. Andrew was recalling the last time he and T-Bone had to go out and shovel the roofs at Dodge, and that was in 2001.

Since I was out there alone, I did not want to do anything too daring, but I was able to clear off the roofs of the main building and the bath house without any death defying stunts. Actually, the banks were so high next to the main building on the back side; I could nearly walk right up on the roof.

I just thought that a few photos of Dodge in winter would provide some perspective for our Trails Volunteers that only see the camp in summer.

Well, believe it or not summer is fast approaching. I know it does not feel like it now, but before long we will be back on the tails cleaning up after a powerful winter.

See you all soon,

North Country Trails Volunteer Programs Supervisor