Tri-State Camp Conference 2008

Each year we try to reach out to new volunteers through a variety of marketing techniques. Using direct mail, posters, web advertising, and attending fairs and conferences we are able to connect with a large number of people.

Just last week I was fortunate enough to attend the 2008 Tri-State Camp Conference
[] as an exhibitor for the Appalachian Mountain Club. The conference was held in Atlantic City, NJ at the Atlantic City Convention Center. This was a large scale event with well over 200 exhibitors and at least double that in attendees. Camps and scout groups from all over the US and beyond were represented at this event.

The primary AMC exhibitors were John Darak and Erin Soraghan from AMC Group Sales Department. Erin and John were promoting AMC Destinations and how reservations can be made for groups. Also attending was Sara DeLucia, Adventure Programs Supervisor at the AMC Highland Center. Sara was there to promote the naturalist programs and guided hike options that can be arranged for groups while they are staying at an AMC Destination. My Role was to offer the service based programming (trail work) to groups during their stay.

I was able to connect with a large number of camps from Delaware to Maine that would be interested in setting up a day or longer trail work project for the 2008 summer season. These camps or scout groups would book a group reservation at one of the many AMC Destinations and then schedule a trail work service project with the Trails Volunteer Programs office. We are able to offer trail projects based out of a roadside destination, like the Highland Center and Pinkham Notch Visitors Center, as well as our backcountry huts or campsites.

In all, I feel that attending the Tri-State Camp Conference was a real success. I was able to connect with new groups and offer trail work projects for their camps, as well as the other AMC staff being able to connect with groups for reservations and adventure programming. I am looking forward to the 2008 summer season and I hope to work with the camps I met at the Camp Conference this past week.

I certainly had better luck connecting with camps and scout groups than I did at the slot machines…
-Alex DeLucia