Teens To Trails Conference 2008

Last Saturday, April 5th, Alex, Emily Mitchell, the AMC's Education Programs Coordinator, and I went to the Teens To Trails conference at Windham High School in Windham, Maine. Teens To Trails is a nonprofit based in Maine with a mission of increasing opportunities for teenagers to experience outdoor activities and strive to have every high school in Maine to have an outing club.

This year, the second annual Teens to Trails conference showed a marked increase in participation in both exhibitors and teenagers. The three of us had a booth set up to promote our programs that get teens out of doors: Teen Wilderness Adventures, A Mountain Classroom, and Volunteer Vacations. There were good number of other exhibitors comprised of summer camps, environmental agencies, colleges and universities in Maine, land managers, nonprofit groups, and gear companies.

This year Teens To Trails also included a variety of “how-to” workshops ranging from fly fishing to wilderness first aid. Emily offered a workshop on White Mountain Mammals and was equipped with a variety of skulls and pelts. In the afternoon, Alex and I conducted an awareness workshop on Leave no Trace ethics in which we introduced the seven principles of minimal impact camping through a few games and activities.