Adopter Skill Session - May 24

We enjoyed another great Saturday Skill Session training new AMC Trail Adopters in Basic Maintenance. After a couple of hours at Camp Dodge talking about the AMC Trails Department, the responsibilities of the Trail Adopter, discussing the unique use and environmental conditions in the Whites, and tools and too safety, we were off to the trails.

We decided to hold out training on the lower section of Pine Link Trail, off of Pinkham B Road. We focused on drainage cleaning and reshaping dip and rock waterbars for the first half of the day. The Black Flys were swarming, but fortunately for us, not biting…yet.

After lunch, and a bit of storytelling, we shifted gears to talk about blowdown removal, brushing in, and brushing out of the trail. We worked our way back to the van and ended the day with numerous questions answered, lots of hands on experience, and in the end - a skilled crew of new Adopters.

I returned home that evening and checked my e-mail to find that Chip, the Adopter of the lower section of Pine Link Trail was out that same day! He and a friend hiked up to the top of their section and started to work down. They were very excited that “someone” (he suspected it was a Skill Session) had done some great work in the last ½ mile of trail.

Thanks to all that participated, I had a great day and hope you all did too. I would also like to thank George Brown, a ultra volunteer that served as the Trails Volunteer Leader that co-led this Skill Session with me.

There are several more Skill Sessions on the schedule still. I look forward to working with the next group on June 7th, National Trails Day!


AMC North Country Trails Volunteer Programs Supervisor