MOC Trail Crew April 2008

Our first Trail Crew of the season was a success. 26 people gave a total of 493 hours. This was a great way to start the season. We filled every bunk between the 2 cabins we use at MOC and were able to get 5 crews out and check all of our trails in 2 days. We got all the basic maint taken care of and still had some time to enjoy the trails ourselves. With all of the sprig trail cleaning done we can now concentrate on the big projects the NPS has planed for us.

Some of the young TC volunteers out at RaymondsKills Fallls Trail dealing with drainage issues.

We have events for 3 weekends in april and the first 2 weekends in may, Regular Trail crew weekends, A rock stair case work shop with Matt Moore. The DWGNRA NP Day, NP Trail Crew Open House, Spring tool shed clean up and inventory.

April is a busy month and we still have 7 more months to go.

Philip Romano
AMC-MOC Trail Crew Volunteer Coordinator