MOC Trail Crew May 2008

23 Volunteers made the trip to May's Trail Crew. Our project seemed simple enough, repair a stream bank that was supporting a 16' 3 log bridge we built in 2005. In 2006 three 100 year storms hit the DWGNRA and made our little stream about 8' wider and 3' deeper. The damage was caused by a new stream forming up hill of the old stream. The damage to the stream bank was great and we decided to move our old bridge to the new up hill stream

We established the bridge in the new location.

Then did the rock work

A second bridge was built on the down hill stream and 105 new feet of trail was built

228 hours later we finished along with brushing 1 mile of trail and reclaiming another 100 feet of washed out trail. We did have one helper show up but we had to ask him to leave. He was not able to do any work.

Philip Romano
AMC-MOC Trail Crew Volunteer Coordinator