MOC Trail Crew Rock Work Shop

Matt Moore, Regional Trails Coordinator came down to MOC to give our TC a workshop on building rock staircase. I picked a nice rock slide on the Rattle Snake Swamp Trail about 50 feet high and 75 feet long.

The Rattle Snake Swamp Trail is a loop trail that connects the AT to MOC and we have been working on drainage issues on it since 2007

10 of our most dedicated volunteers gave another weekend to increase their skills. When we picked the site we had high hopes, but once we started to work we found working on this rock slide was going to be fun. We moved tons of rock and nothing was going right for us on sat morning. Matt went through it with us step by step. We had a great time learning the new skills and after lunch the 3 crews were starting to make some progress.

After a much needed rest and some great music at the main lodge

Sunday we were able to bring it all together and finish the project on time

Matt Thank you for your time and knowledge!

Philip Romano
AMC-MOC Trail Crew Volunteer Coordinator