Mohican Trail Crew - Gears Up For 2008

With the remodel of the Trails End Cabin complete we wasted little time making it feel like home. One our regular volunteers Jill has a back round in graphics. She designed and installed our new logo in the cabin.

Trails end went from 2 large bunk rooms and a very small common room to a wonderful 4 bunk room and a large common room. The old concrete floor was replaced with a nice hard wood floor. The changes are amazing and the AMC Construction Crew did a great job.

For 2008 MOC Trail Crew will be covering 15 trails in the DWGNRA. The DWGNRA is the 8 most visited park with 33 trails totaling 124 miles and with 8 million visitors last year. Some 55 million people live 3 to 6 hours away from the DWGNRA.With MOC Trail Crew covering almost half the trails in the park and with many large projects on the agenda the demand for volunteers is high. A few of our projects this season include the construction of several new bridges, a few trail redirects, some trail retread projects and a laundry list of odds and ends.

To get ready for 2008 Cari, Quin and myself spent a long weekend preparing the tool shed. After it was cleaned, inventoried and a wish list of tools we would like to get our hands on, the tool shed is ready for the busy season.

We are working on some great workshops this season, a rock staircase class and a WFA course with the AMC and a few educational programs with NPS.

We hope you can take some time and come and join us on the trails Philip Romano AMC-MOC Trail Crew Volunteer Coordinator 732-887-2210