Skill Session the First

The season is officially rolling!
Camp Dodge is officially open and without snow, and the first Basic Skills Session is officially under our belts. All of this is officially exciting.

Our first Basic Skills Session on May 10 was not only successful, productive, and informative, but also downright fun. We brought together a great group, with varying experiences on trails, and everyone had something to offer and to learn. Along with a broad overview of AMC and how trails are maintained, we spent some time in the tool shed learning (and relearning) about all these resources available to volunteers. Then of course, we got outside-- digging our boots and grub hoes into the drainage areas of the Mahoosuc Trail. With some great instruction, we worked on how best to maintain a variety of drainage types, observed blazing, noted ways of brushing trails in and out, and even learned a little about edible plants. Not to mention we got to check out the beautiful view of Mascot Pond and an impressive demonstration of Alex taking his ax to all that our muscles couldn't haul off the trail.

Overall, an awesome and enlightening day. Consider it highly recommended, especially if you're due (every three years, for all you Trail Adopters).

Hooray for the start of the 2008 season! We look forward to seeing you soon.