Mohican Trail Crew June VanCampens Glen

Mohican Trail Crew started a very much needed major trail reconstruction to the VanCampens Glen Trail. Over the past few years several storms have created major flood damage and doubled with several log jams the trail that once traveled along the VanCampens Brook is now under water in some places.

This project will take several months to redirect the trail and make the needed repairs to the rest of it. The log jams and blow downs are extensive and we had to call in the NPS to bring in their Sayers to help with some of the large hangers. Lets say a 80 foot hemlock broken in half and landed between two oak trees 50 feet of the ground is a little more then we can handle.

For June we cut a new 500 foot trail head bringing the trail just up hill from the old trail head then put in a stone stair case to bring the hikers 15 feet back down to a section of original trail we were able to save. A couple sections of cribing and our weekend was over. We will be back out here through September.

Philip Romano
AMC-MOC Trail Crew Coordinator