Tough Presidents

AMC President's Society - June 20, 2008

June 20 marked a big day for the Trails Department as we wrapped up our intensive season training with a President's Society work party. We headed over to Crawford Notch where we met up with our group of six President's Society members, ready to be involved with AMC from the ground up. We headed over to the the Elephant Head Spur Trail, an area eager for our attention. Part of the group worked on brushing, the other dug into some rock work. (That's right, rock work. These Presidents are tough.)

Everyone, we believe, got quite dirty.

It was an exciting start to our trails season here, to be doing the work we love alongside those that help make it happen in countless other ways. The positive attitudes and love for the land made for a productive team, rain or shine.

Thanks to all who participated and shared an afternoon of Trails life. Hopefully we'll see you in the backcountry this summer-- you know what we'll be up to.