Week 1, North Country.

Camp Dodge Teen Crews:
Season Start with Crew Leader ACK Moore

My first week leading crews in the Whites will definitely be a memorable one. Head leader Nick Scott and myself lead a 2-Week Crew of 8 guys ages 15-18 up the Dryad Falls Trail to Dream Lake in the Mahoosucs. This crew was high energy and worked hard. Over the course of the week we: put in over 15 bog new bridges (some with cribs underneath), repaired a few others, put in a few step stones, and brushed out a large section of trail. This crew was exceptionally self-motivated and quick to learn. They did their work fast but didn't sacrifice any quality.

While this crew worked hard, the most memorable part for me was the amount of fun they had both at work and after. While they were definitely draining at times for Nick and I, I believe we would both say it was a very enjoyable experience. It was great to hear so many stories about the Vols lives' outside the woods. Some had extensive backpacking experience while others were still new to backcountry living. One of the most interesting parts for myself was watching the group form each night. You could see everyone becoming more and more comfortable with each other as the week went on and by the end the entire group seemed like a bunch of brothers who had known each other their whole lives. Everyone in the crew ended up with a "trail-name". There was Agent Orange (who covered his entire pack and self in the largest bright orange poncho I have ever seen), J-mac, and Special Sauce, just to name a few.

When I took the crew Climbing with EMS on Saturday they had the guides laughing the whole time (Agent Orange decided he would only climb with his full back pack on because it looked more "hard-core").

Overall everyone had a great time and we were able to finish a ton of work. This crew was a great start to the season and really made me thankful for the job I have.