Hiking Haikus

Berkshire Teen Trail Crew August 10 - 22. 2008

So, it’s the last day on the job here, the last Berkshire VTC entry in the Blog for this season, and the last time I’ll get to talk about how cool we are over in this hilly corner of Mass. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little bit weepy and slightly sentimental. Fortunately, the last crew of the season brought the wit and word power to memorialize all of the reasons that so many of us love our work.

On the Food:

"beans beans beans beans beans

beans beans beans beans onions beans

beans bean beans beans trench."

(Sarah Drinon)

On the Water:

"Don’t like iodine
Filtering water sometimes
Will see in six weeks"

(Sarah Drinon)

On the Woods:

"Bugs are everywhere

1 down, 5 million to go

Extinction is near."

and On the Work:

"Watching Tracey work

Feel lethargic but guilty

Not enough to stand"

(Stephen Barnard)

Finaly, a LNT rap from MC Freshness AKA Doug Thoen: "If you wanna keep a memory take a photo or a picture cause at least then the habitat won't be disfigured

-Leave No Tracey