AMC Acadia Crew - Week #1- September 2008

Photo by: Tony Shu

Six women, three men all under the able and competent leadership of Ali, plus wild blueberries the first day, produced 250 feet a new handicapped trail on days 2, 3 and 4.

Monday was Labor Day, but there was no rest for the AMC crew working in Acadia National Park. While the Park Service did have a well earned day-off the “AMC Crew” did drainage work, clipping and brushing back the trail on Beech Mountain which is located on the west side of the park. The clipping did not present a hardship since most of the vegetation was wild blueberry and the berries where at their peak of sweetness.

Moving on to days 2, 3 and 4. The Park Service is in the process of renovating an early 1900’s path as an ADA trail to Schooner Point. In the section we were assigned the old trail did not meet the ADA specifications for grade and had to be lengthened through the woods. Over 250 feet of trail was grubbed and dug out, and rocks, roots and stumps removed. Finally, the crew wheeled and spread gravel to 250 feet of trail which was then followed by compacting and finishing with sod. A lot of work was accomplished and the crew can be proud of how, in a short time, it came together as a team.

PS – the food was great, the swimming wonderful, yes Echo Lake our base camp has hot showers and the singing was almost always in tune. A real “feel” good vacation.

Posted by: Bill Brodnitzki (AMC Trails Volunteer Leader)