Dry River Wilderness - Project Planning

During the 2009 field season our 2 Wilderness Teen Crews will be working in the Dry River Wilderness Area in the southern Presidential Range in the White Mountains. These 2 crews will focus their efforts on brushing out overgrown trail, clearing and installing drainage, and some cairns and scree wall work above tree-line.

In preparation for the Volunteer Teen Crew the projects and the camp that the crews will use must be scouted out before hand. This past rainy Wednesday, June 24, Nick Scott (AMC Camp Dodge Projects Coordinator), Matty Zane (AMC Trails Volunteer Programs Intern), Cristin Bailey (USFS Saco Ranger District Trails Supervisor), and myself (Alex DeLucia – Trails Volunteer Programs Supervisor) headed down from the summit into the Dry River Wilderness.

Despite the weather we were able to hike down the Crawford Path to the Dry River Trail as far down as Dry River Shelter #3 and then back up to the summit. We determined quite a bit of projects for the 2 weeks of Volunteer Teen Crews and located the designated campsite that the crews will use.
This is a very unique project in a very wild place. The rugged terrain and remoteness make the Dry River Wilderness a real adventure. Our first crew to work on the Dry River Trail will start on Monday, June 29. They are in for a great week.
Photos: Alex DeLucia