Berkhire Teen Trail Crew 2009 Week Three!

On Tuesday morning Phil called me. Told me we had a great crew on our hands. One of those productive, fun, happy crews. All they needed was more fruit. This is music to my Regional Trail Coordinator ears. I hiked them up a 25 pound watermelon, pre sliced even. On the hike up, with the cardboard box saturated in watermelon, dripping into the plastic bag, perched on alternating Regional Trails Coordinator shoulders, I found my whole Regional Trails Coordinator self coated in some of the most delicious Organic Watermelon Juice.

Totally worth it. It was a pleasure to meet all these guys and girls, Phil and Katharine set a classy example and ran a tight ship, and well, we will let the pictures do the rest of the rambling:
(except to say that I love that in the mean-muggin' picture they were too tough to even stop moving a rock to scowl at the camera.) (and to say there were tons of GREAT photos taken by our sharp new camera, see them all at