Whats Kickin' with the Camp Dodge Crews???

The camp dodge volunteer trail crews are off to a solid start for the 2009 season. As of now, a total of 6 crews have been out on the trails, getting muddy, having fun, and building some sweet trail structures. Its hard to believe we are already one third of the way through the season, although if you look at how much work has been done, it would appear as if we had been working on the trails for at least a season.

Three of the crews have spent their time up at lonesome lake, making excellent headway on the gargantuan bog-bridging project taking place,--which includes ripping out and installing two hundred Pree-fab bog Bridges, along with a few native bridges. At this point in the season we are closing in on the half way mark of bridges to be installed. Keep on Bog Bridging!!!!!!!

The Crew up at Dream lake was also tearing it up on the bog bridge front--literally, they "tour" out all of the old mungy bridges and replaced all of them with brand new squeaky clean pre-fab bridges. Initially this was planned to be a two week project, but the first crew cranked out all of the work in a week--Shigadang!!!!

Other crews have been busy rockin' out some rock work over at pleasant mt, as well as house sitting for the great Andrew Norkin, and re-claiming the dry river trail on Mt. Washington--which had been overtaken by brush and brambles.

Rock on Dodge crews,

submitted by MattyZane