National Forest Foundation Funds Alpine Pro Crew Work

Through the rain, sleet, thunder, and who knows what else, a six-person faction of the White Mountain Professional Trail Crew completed erosion control and trail definition work on Mt. Eisenhower last week. Between the interesting weather this summer and the rugged commute from Nauman campsite every day, this project was even more than meets the eye. Focusing on the alpine zone area, the crew worked a total of 3.5 weeks, installing wooden and rock erosion control and tread definition features.

Wood, you may ask? On the summit of Mt. Eisenhower? Isn't that ABOVE treeline?

Yes, it is.

On the south end of the summit, there were few native rocks to use, and certainly no native wood. So, as part of the spring airlifts we flew cedar logs up to the summit. Since then, they have been transformed into soil retention devices, protecting the fragile and rare alpine ecology that characterize this gorgeous summit.

So, the next time you find yourself on the summit of Mt Eisenhower, check out the new handiwork!

This project happened thanks to grant funding through the National Forest Foundation.