Dodge Garden

We broke ground for the new garden at Camp Dodge on Friday,
April 9th. A group of us got together to tear out the sod and start roto-tilloing and plucking rocks. Special thanks to George, Pat, Ben, and Lesley for spending a rainy Friday with me in the garden. The garden, about 50 feet x 60 feet will need lots of work before we can plant.

This has been an ongoing project, planning for the garden, setting aside resources and volunteer effort. The garden (we hope) will produce supplemental food for the staff and volunteers at Camp Dodge. The mountain climate will make it challenging to grow long season crops, but fresh salad greens, peas, broccoli and other cold weather crops will be a welcome addition at Dodge.

Within the next few weeks we will be doing more tilling and then preparing rows for planting early season stuff. Thanks to a generous donation by Johnny’s Selected Seeds we have a great variety of produce to plant in our garden for the 2010 season.

As the season goes on we will need volunteers to help pick rocks, weed, water and many other tasks. We would also accept donations for compost or organic fertilizers. So all of you Trails Volunteers, next time you are at Dodge lend a hand for a ½ hour or so in the garden. It will take all of us chipping in to make this a successful project.