Volunteers Help With Dodge Projects

On a beautiful Saturday (April 24) four AMC Volunteers gathered together at Camp Dodge to help the construction of three new tent platforms. George Brown, contractor in his real life, is one of our outstanding Trails Volunteers and Destination Volunteers. With George’s construction experience he was able to work with Jim, Matt and Deb to demo the old platforms and construct the framing for three of the platforms.

These tent platforms are used to house the AMC Camp Dodge staff during the summer season. Each platform has a canvas tent, bed, book shelf and electricity. With a bit of decorating the interior this space is called home to our 12 Camp Dodge staff for up to 6 months of the year.

We have a number of construction projects, grounds maintenance, and garden work at Dodge. We will be chipping away at these projects during the season and additional help is welcomed. Camp Dodge will be open for Trail Adopters very soon. We are aiming for May 15 to be open and ready to serve our AMC Trails Volunteers. We will see you soon.