White Mtn 1-Week Spike: June 20

I got a chance to hike out to the start of the Twinway Trail and visit the One-Week White Mountain Spike Teen Crew, the first of the 2010 season. I was met with overwhelming excitement and pride in their trail projects.

This crew was working on a section of the Twinway Trail building bog bridges and installing drainage to prevent trail erosion. All of their work looked great. The Twinway project, this week and at least three other weeks of teen crews, was funded by the Four Thousand Footer Committee.

Their camp looked great, and a little bit of good chocolate we brought out for the crew helped to brighten their day. Weather was good, except for the day I visited...we all got soaked!

The Dodge Leaders, Ashley and Nate, were very happy with the week, their work and the crew of volunteers. I look forward to seeing them this afternoon at the Dodge BBQ. I hope they had a great time and we hope to see them again next summer.

Thanks for your great work!


Photos: Alex DeLucia