Backcountry Hut Based Adult Crew 2010

Trail work is often a lot of hard work and from my perspective actually fun. On certain occasions the assigned task gives some pretty big bragging rights. Most tasks are quite specific in nature, install as many bog brides as possible or install rock work like check steps, water bars and stair cases. I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Our backcountry crew started off the week installing some bog bridges on the Lost Pond Trail across from Pinkham notch visitors’ center. It gives the group a chance to work together and go over tools and safety.
We planned on installing 4 bog bridges, including hauling in the material. We managed to whip them out in no time and send for more material and managed to get 2 more installed! I’m always impressed at how much work can be done in a relatively short time when we all work together.

Well it was time to pack-up our gear and head up to
Madison hut; this is the project that had some good bragging rights. The hike up is not an easy one. Fortunately we were staying at the Hut and did not need to carry a lot of food so it did keep the weight down. Finally, I get to the bragging, we got to cut new trail on a relocation of the Osgood Trail part of the Appalachian Trail!

We cut the corridor through the stand of trees and pick and chose the best path. (All the while following a nice set of pink tags left on the trees!) The weather cooperated for the most part and we installed 3 bog bridge
s, mostly for trail definition, 4 check steps and a 4 step mini rock staircase. Then we had the task of creating scree wall to finalize the trail definition, skipping the area near the black pipe because the construction crew will be burying it in the near future. We also did our best to wipe out the line of the old trail to encourage people to use the new section of trail.

Many tanks for great camaraderie to Leah, Douglas, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. Not to forget my excellent staff co-leader Ari!

Sweet someone actually used the trail!

Take Care,
Michael (AMC Trails Volunteer Leader)

Photos: Douglas Looman