Dodge Journals: Issue 2

So, so far being able to put out one of these up dates a week has been challenging. Dodge has been bustling and the weather has been great, so it has been very hard to find time to sit down under a roof and catch up with what has been going down.

We are now in the week to celebrate american independence, it is hard to grasp that we are already in July. The end of June was just as busy as the beginning. Plants in the garden are well on there way up. Potatoes, beans, peas are all doing really well in our garden of rocks. The top soil that was removed finally composted enough to be put back into the garden. With this soil we have been mixing all kinds of nutrients into the soil like ash, bone meal, blood meal, to hopefully liven up the plants a bit. This year I have gotten a hand full of help from caretakers with maintaining the garden and cleaning up the brush around Dodge.

Each week the crews comeback they spend the last bit of time of volunteer work helping out in the garden and getting the chores for the land done. With all this extra help from different people we have been able to keep things moving forward at a very steady rate around here.

Every week crews come and go, but the staff remans the same. It has been a long time coming, there was about a month of training for all the leaders and and to finally get into the rhythm of the crews in and out allows every body to get settled in.

So far this year we have had 7 crews come to Dodge two of witch are two weeks. One of the main suggestions from last year was to have more two week crews, the one week crews are great because it gives people a short into to what we do here at the Dodge, but by the time anyone figures out what is going on it is time to go home. The two week crews this year so far have really been awesome. They are all motivated and have been really helpful around Dodge when they are present. One of the rules here at Dodge is we provide the food, but we have the expectation that crews will help out with making sure the kitchen is clean and all the food is put back. You know you have good crews when you do not have to tell them it is time to do the dishes they just finish up dinner and come in and start the cleaning.

The Monday mornings here at Dodge are a crazy place, new crews, big meals, food and gear packing. Basically there are lots of people running franticly around like they are chickens with their heads cut off. But after a couple of hours and several laps around Dodge all of a sudden a hush falls over the facility. With all the crews gone and all that is left is Anya and I and sometimes a Dodge staff member that has no crew, we are left to finish up are week with cleaning up some of the random things that were left by the crews. With all the bustle gone, it allows me and Anya to work on projects that other wise would be in everybody's way. Even though for most of our staff Monday means the beginning of the work week, for Anya and I it is the beginning of a less stress filled day. With the peace that falls over Dodge we are left here to tend our jobs, and get things set for next the week ahead.

Due to the fact that Dodge does not have internet, it makes it hard for me to get the blog posts up in a timely manor. But since I started the first part of this article the crews came back and participants all headed home. There was this eerie calm that fell over Dodge on Saturday because there were no volunteers around to make or cause any ruckus. Sunday came and whole new fresh crop of volunteers arrived clean and smelling of society products. Little do they know that over the next five days all cleanliness will be removed from their system to be replaced with dirt, grim and hard work.

The garden has started to produce a steady amount of kale, lettuce,
radishes, peas and chard. Some of the veggies are not quite as large as I would have liked so far but we just started the routine of adding organic plant food to the soil. Since that point, plants that looked like they had stalled now started to look like they are ready to grow and prosper as far as nature will let them.

The newest addition to Dodge from the wings tips of my self is a new work bench in the tool shed that increases the workable space in the building. What was in its place was this silly little table that just needed to be replaced. It was too short did not fit in the space, so I replaced with a bench that was made out of wood that was harvested from the old deck plat forms that were replaced. Good use of some old wood Iʼd say. No sooner did I have it built and it was covered in supplies for the crews. At least it is getting used and wont randomly cave in.

Anther two weeks at Dodge have came and gone, summer is here, and the mountains are great as always.

This is five one Goose clear with issue two of the Camp Dodge journal, have a great day every body, hike a mountain and maintain some trail!

Photos by: Goose