50+ Adventure Camp

Older and Boulder Can “Do-It”, Both Get Out and Get Dirty

Four women spent a week at the Highland Center (HiC) with all its amenities with a big difference, they were dirty, tired but had a sense of accomplishment. They pulled rocks, (one passer by commented that his loader would have trouble with that one), dug holes, set rocks, built check steps, cut and de-barked logs and built bog bridges. There is proof out on the trail that getting older does not mean you still can’t “DO”. As in any manufacturing process quality control is very important. On Thursday morning our work was inspected by the resident MOOSE, who approved our work as to its meeting AMC specifications. Slogans and songs were the ingredients that kept us going and the knowledge that a hot shower was waiting and someone else would do the dishes at the end of the day.

The group had two leaders, Tom who is a Teen Head Trail Crew Leader out of Camp Dodge and Bill, a Volunteer Adult Crew Leader with the AMC. Tom and Bill provided the instruction along with a little grunt work and the crew went about their business. Back at HiC Ruth provided options for morning and afternoon Yoga and Stretching and she joined us for two days of trail work getting firsthand knowledge of what was going to have to be stretched. A mid-week massage was available and helped undo the physical stress that trail work places on all bodies.

Thank you to the Highland Center for a wonderful setting for the program and to Martha, Linda, Heather and Marion for being willing to take a chance and experience a different kind of Adventure Camp.

“Come Out, Give Back and Get Dirty”, all while getting intimate firsthand experience with the wonderful trails in the White Mountains.

The AMC has trail programs for all interests, and all levels. You can spike-out, have rustic accommodations or go up scale and stay at the Highland Center. Check-out the web-site which will have a new look in the near future.

Bill B

(aka grumpy)

Photos by: Bill Brodnitzki