Baxter Park Vol Trail Crew 2010

What a way to explore Baxter Park and get the opportunity to cut new trail! Now that doesn't happen every day.

A group of AMC Volunteers spent a week cutting, clearing, and digging out new trail at the north end of Katahdin Lake. This crew met and spent their first night at Abol Narrows campsite before heading into the backcountry for the remainder of the week. On Monday the crew backpacked all of their personal and group gear to their backcountry campsite on the north end of Katahdin Lake. Most of the tools and food were flown in by float plane to ease the load for the crew.

The week was spent working primarily on new trail construction in the Katahdin Lake region of the Park; a recent extension of the Park boundaries east of Baxter Peak. AMC Volunteers worked along side Baxter Park trails staff to construct a portion of the new trail. Paul Sannicandro, Baxter Park Trails Supervisor, said the crew set the standard of new trail construction for all other crews to follow.

There has been a long standing partnership between Baxter Park and the AMC, and these crews are proof of our ability to work together and accomplish our conservation goals. The AMC Volunteers had a great time up at Baxter and we hope to see them again next year.

Photos: Lesley Heyl