Teens Help With Camp Dodge Garden

Each week our AMC Teen Volunteer Trail Crews wrap up their week service work with some time lending a hand in the garden at Camp Dodge. Weeding, watering, adding organics to the soil,and harvesting is a great way for the crews to end their AMC volunteer experience.

The garden at Dodge helps to tie together the conservation work on the trails and ways our participants can be more conservation minded in their every-day lives. Fresh and local foods have a large impact on reduction of carbon emission and support local economies, not to mention it just tastes better.

With support from Johnny's Selected Seeds int he donation of nearly all of our vegetable seeds the garden has been a great asset to Camp Dodge and the volunteer programs. The garden provides supplemental produce for the meals served to AMC Trail Volunteers and AMC Staff, as well as providing education opportunities to talk about sustainable farming, conservation, and our carbon footprint.

Lately we have been harvesting loads of green beans, broccoli, peas, kale, swiss chard, potatoes, onions, and radishes. The cooler temps in the mountains around Camp Dodge means we are even still harvesting lettuce! Very soon our cucumbers and squashes will be ready to pick too. For the first year of the Dodge garden it was defiantly a success.

Photos: Alex DeLucia