Dodge Journals: Issue 5

When you can howl as loud as you can and there is no response, an eerie chill can fall over your shoulders. Dodge as cleared out for the season, all have left and this past week I, Goose, am the only sole still here. I am left to do the few remaining tasks before all windows are boarded and doors locked. The water must be turned off, the power and phone shut off. With some last season cleaning thrown into the mix, Dodge will be looking sharp in the spring. At least until all the mice take over for the winter.

So this was the first year in the past 5 that the job of a facility person even existed, there was lots needed to be done, and lots got done. I must say I had a blast getting to be the one running around the grounds of Dodge. In all that running I sure did take a few stumbles though. There are pot holes and drainage ditches are all over the facility and early in the year I would be spontaneously crash when I hit one of these unexpected holes. Just walking along, minding my own business and bam! On the ground, it was a painful process to learn where all the traps are around the facility. However after walking around this place what feels at least 1000 miles I could run across this place blind folded, backwards while casing a bear with a helicopter hovering 50 feet above my head without even being stressed.

I got so comfortable here that my sub-conscious mind started to play some tricks on me to keep me on my toes. One time a mouse fell into a trashcan and after disposing of the mouse I moved the trash can right in front of the door and walked into the office. I puts around there for a while and when I went to leave finally it was dark and all the lights are off. Not thinking twice I booked down my path to the door that I have take a million time before. But this time someone had placed a trashcan in my way and I tripped fell and crashed over the trash can. Nice Goose, nice way to play a prank on your self. I always keep the humor of life in mind, and after I dusted my self off I pretended nothing happened and went on my way.

The garden this year was a huge success and we have to plans next year to make the garden bigger and better then it was this year. I have already moved a couple yards of food compost from Pinkham to Dodge to sit and finish composting for the winter. After that day I got to drive the front loader, which was great, and stand and shovel wicked smelly dirt. After I did that, I was talking with one of the front desk employees and he could just smell me from 8 feet away, yum….

With all the windows boarded up and the fall leaves a roar, Dodge has been locked down for the season. It has been a great year, it is sad to sat good bye to Dodge. But till next time, this is five-one Goose clear with all 2010 camp Dodge Journals.

Cowboy was not this full once all year, the water dances so smooth….

Photos: Chris "Goose" Grosjean