Burnt Island, ME - Project Scouting

On Monday, May 16th Alex, Kris, and Megan from AMC's Trails Department made the epic day-trip from the mountains of northern NH down to the coast of Maine. We headed out to Burnt Island, off the coast of Port Clyde, ME, to plan AMC Staff Trail Crew and AMC Volunteer Trail Crew projects for September 2011.

We met Jeremy, the owner of Burnt island, and our boat operator for the day, and motored off into the rough seas. Jeremy has working relationships with Hurricane Island Outward Bound and the Maine Island Trails Association permitting access to Burnt Island. There are a number of hiking trails, as well as camping, available on the island.

We hiked several of the trails on the island identifying a variety of projects for the work weeks planed for early September. We will be constructing bog bridges, hardening trails with rock, installing drainage, painting blazes, and brushing out overgrown trails.

Much like our last project on Burnt Island, in 2009, we will have an open enrollment adult Volunteer Vacation running at the same time as an AMC Staff Trail Crew. Volunteers, keep an eye out for the registration information. As soon as we set a date we will be reaching out to AMC Trails Volunteers interested in working on Burt islands for a week this early fall.

A week-long crew off the coast of Maine in September... it doesn't get much better than that!