Dodge Journals 2011: #1

Dodge Journals 2011
Early Season

The brisk air still lives in the woods at Camp Dodge. Does not stop the sounds and beat of life starting to pump through the camp. This spring is a big one for the facility. Bigger gardens, new roofs, new trees, more volunteers, more staff, more programs, you catch the drift yet? Last year work did not really start around the facility till the first week in May.

This year we were up there swinging our hammers and digging our shovels in mid may.
A new brown metal roof now sits on the main building and tool shed. Light tubes are going to be installed into the roof. This should provide some nice natural lighting for the main room and the kitchen area. The idea is one will not have to turn on a light when they simple want a snack in the middle of the day. When you go into the kitchen right now, unless there is a light, it is a cave that you will be standing in. A new ceiling went up in the dinning room as well. Closing off the rafter look of the place, to tell you the truth I was a little reluctant as first, but it after completed, I must stay, it’s growing on me.

Last fall, right before I departed to work on the full time professional crew, a few of the caretakers and I planted over 50 cloves of garlic. If you have never planted garlic, it must be planted in the fall. You stick a single clove into the ground about an inch and then cover the top on it with a bunch of insulation. Depending on how harsh the winter can be in your area tells you how much insulation you need. Being where we are, in the shadows of the whites, lots, over a foot, of leaf cover is needed to keep all plants insulated enough. But now that the spring is in the air, as of May first we have plants that are almost a foot tall. Amazing what nature can do!

Over the winter we ran a flyer for people to donate apple trees and blueberry bushes. It took less then two weeks for us to have to start to have to tell people that we had reached our limit. In these late weeks of April, 9 apple trees and 15 blueberries bushes were planted. Each plant is of its own unique variety, to many to name but my favorite variety is the apple tree called “Trail Man”. With all this added food I am sure we can expect that future caretakers of Dodge will have to be defending off the animal raids more and more. Oh well, all for the freedom of food.

I fell in my first hole already this year, by the end of last year I had been able to walk around the whole place of Camp Dodge all by myself with my eyes close. My legs have forgotten the ground and with the laps in memory, my face has gotten reacquainted with the soil.

May is fresh and new, the leaves are just starting to poke their heads up and about. Looking forward to a summer filled with joy and food. I look forward to many smiles and joy in the near future that seem to surround the air of Camp Dodge.

This is 31 Goose, signing out for the first time in the 2011 summer season, I have great day everybody, jump in for a swim…..brr.

Photos: Goose