The new and improved Eliza Brook Campsite

Last week a small band of senior caretakers returned to Eliza Brook campsite to do what we do best: campsite rehabilitation and reconstruction.

The crew, a mix of third year, second year, and senior staff focused on hardening and defining the kitchen area, reconstructing trails within the site, and revegetating impacted areas with transplanted trees.

Many of our campsites see significant wear and tear over the years, especially Eliza Brook, which is visited only by the Kinsman Pond caretaker weekly. Undefined trails and campsites lead to a heavily impacted area, eroded and gullied and devoid of vegetation.

The efforts and technical skill of this talented group of caretakers brought finishing polish to a site that we have specifically targeted as a work site in the past year: new shelter, new tentpads, new kitchen area, new trees, and new stepstones and scree walls and even a few bog bridges. Eliza Brook is now a showcase for the work and knowledge of the backcountry caretaker.

The crew: Steph Kelliher (2nd year), Tristan Eames (2nd year), Matt Hickey (3rd year), and Ryan Smith (Mahoosuc Rover/ 3rd year). Taking the picture is Beau Etter-Garrette (Field Coordinator/ 3rd year)

Matt hefting one of the larger rocks for the kitchen area

Steph showing that it's not about size, it's about how you use the tools

Second year caretaker Tristan Eames transplanting trees

The crew testing out the kitchen area for the first time.

The new kitchen area. To the right is the former site of the shelter, now transplanted with trees
(Why did we build a kitchen area? In the hopes of consolidating food odor, and to encourage visitors to cook food away from the shelter--to prevent both burn marks and pesky rodents)

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