Early season Spring

And with the quickness of a fly the summer is up and spry. The sun shines down with an intensity that will drain you. We have been receiving nightly burst of thunder and lightning that would make any normal soul quiver. With the sound of a bang and a bash the season has already started with a bash. With the first week of Gala over calm is finally able to fall over the grassed covered fields of dodge. Function the Friday kick of party for the Huts and trails, was a great success, with dancing and fire long into the night, it was nothing less than a great delight.

Josh from the kitchen helping out in the garden!

In the past couple of weeks there has been a chain saw class that was ripping lots of trees down for us to burn. As well as this nice long maple log, this will be used for us to start building a nice banquet table for the camp. The garden is booming and blooming. Our list of things growing is getting ever larger. We have planted as of today, Lettuce, Kale, Chard, Spinach, Bunching Onions, Onions, and Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, potatoes, corn, cucumber, Zucchini, beans, carrots, peas and garlic. It is a nice list if I do say so myself. Enough dandelions for both the bees and trail workers to have enough food and flowers for all to enjoy without any worry of ever running out. Ryan from the shelters department helped me for one day and pick a whole bunch of peddles, wine can be made from these touches of flower. Ah, the power of self-exploration. Flies are soon to be done for the summer. I cannot tell you enough how happy this makes me. Working in the garden with a giant metal bird over one’s head, though entertaining, can get a little old. We have also had help from some of the staff of Pinkham. The ich to get out side burns in every one around here and with people are sick of doing dishes a couple decided to pull some weeds.

The dodge staff has been busy away working on their axes and a whole other slue of tasks to help us get ready for the up and coming season. Lots and lots of training hopefully will have all our staff feeling great about this summer. I must say, the whole staff is winding up to be great group of leaders. All staff are eager to work hard and learn much about trails and volunteer leading. We have been doing rock work training, basic maintenance training, teaching how to chop down a tree, the list goes on. With the chances of anyone leading any kind of trip we have to train all to ready for anything. After the month of training I know all the leaders will be ready for anything. We have many leaders and even a greater amount of confidence among the leaders.

With so many staff this year the tool shed was exploding with people. No room to even breathe. So what does one do when you need space? You let the creative juices flow and reorganize. A super helpful volunteer Todd Flagg, who has been on a couple of our trips, came in for a couple of days and helped bang out this new toll shed layout. Same building, same foot point, the outside looks the same, but the inside is both functional and spacious. Excellent

One of the great new additions to the camp dodge way of life is these solar light tubes. People and be in all kinds of hustle and bustle and still have no need to turn on the lights. The sun pushes its power even into the depths of the kitchen, were food can be made without the extra power of electricity for us to see the way. Yum

The season has started fast and furious. Lots of things are going on, all positive for both the staff and all our followers. Since this past winter a crazy big large water tank has been sitting in my field, just festering but a friend of mine is trying to build a natural water storage system. He was wicked into getting this tank, but like my self does not have a gas guzzling truck, so how does one s strap a 1000 gallon talk to it? Like so!

It has been a wild start to the whole season, super great, a little too busy, but wicked healthy for our program. The first week of crews now sits in the woods, let the gauntlet begin! This is 3-1 goose with Issue 2 of the camp dodge journals for the 2011 season. Have a great day everybody and love the land we live in!

Why walk when you can ride, Alex getting a free ride from Moose.