Irene Aftermath - Camp Dodge

Sunday evening things started to slow down around Gorham as far as the wind and rains. We ventured out to see the storm's damage. Far more concerns from water as opposed to wind. Rt 2 east from Gorham was temporarily closed as the Peabody River was up 12 feet and flowing over the road. Rt 16 south was closed and NHDOT was redirecting traffic.

This morning, Monday, I was able to talk with the NHDOT about the RT 16 closure and they said there was a washout where 16 goes over Cowboy Brook at Camp Dodge! After talking with them I was able to drive in as far as the road closure. Parking in the Great Gulf lot I saw the NHDOT crews working on repairing Rt16 hoping to get at least one late open by late morning. I walked up into Camp Dodge to see all structures intact but significant erosion on the driveways and potential damage to our small bridge over Cowboy Brook. Walking around Dodge it looks like Cowboy jumped the banks and was running down the field in front of the main building.

Heading back to Gorham I stopped and checked out Pinkham B Road, the road that leads to Dolly Copp Campground, to see the bridge damage I had heard about the night before. There was significant erosion along the road when the Peabody jumped the banks and was flowing more than 4 times as wide as usual. Once I got to the bridge I found a 8 foot section completely gone!

For now the Camp Dodge Driveway is gated and will remain closed until we are able to assess the condition of our bridge over Cowboy some time on Tuesday 8/30/11. Next will be to assess the trail conditions and trail bridges.

Photos: Alex DeLucia